Clinical medicine

Describes the format of the generic metadata artifacts—the templates, elements, and instances—that make up the CEDAR metadata framework and allow for exchange of the metadata artifacts with external systems.

FHIR is a set of standards for the exchange of healthcare information and data. It defines metadata schemas for describing various entities relevant to healthcare – such as patients, procedures, and clinical reasoning – as well as protocols for exchanging data and metadata records between systems. The information may be serialized as XML, JSON, ND-JSON, or RDF/Turtle.

The Infrastructure Package was approved as standard ANSI/HL7 FHIR® R4 INFRASTRUCTURE R1-2019.

ODM-XML is a data exchange standard, vendor-neutral, platform-independent suited for exchanging and archiving clinical and translational research data, along with their associated metadata, administrative data, reference data, and audit information. ODM-XML facilitates the regulatory-compliant acquisition, archival and exchange of metadata and data.
A draft set of data elements required by the National Institues of Health (U.S.) for the submission of trial information to the registry and results database.